Too Nice To Not Be Outside.

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Our 4th of July

Good food, deer, fireworks, Smores and real ice cream cones at Dad and Colette’s. Fireworks video out on the condo lawn. Camping-in in the living room for the night. A good substitute for the real thing during COVID-19!

Camping Tent In Living Room

Michigan Shaped Candies Deer In Backyard Small Fireworks in Driveway

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How I know I’m a Med Student #2

While eating slices of cucumber, I attempted to poke out the middle with my finger, and I saw open like the tricuspid valve of the heart!

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Physician Heal Thyself

The sound of rain is keeping me calm. I like it. I have to turn it off to listen to lecture *sigh*

I realized about an hour later (after previous post about classmates) I was very hungry, and that was probably contributing to my anger. So I ate lunch, then listened to the calming sounds of a rain storm. I was then able to study for 3 hours. I got myself all caught up on material!

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Considerations: Fifing Impacts to Social Distancing

Perfect. This is why I wear a mask even when I’m outside. Especially for people exercising in groups. This is why 6 feet apart isn’t far enough when you aren’t wearing masks outside.
Direct link is here:
Considerations on Fifing and the Spread of Infectious Diseases

How far particles of different sizes travel on exhale, cough, and sneeze
Where to be when walking behind another person so as not to be in the droplet wake they give off.

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“Am I a Doctor yet?” Q #1

I’m looking at a dissection of the intestines. My first thought is: “Oh! The duodenum connects the stomach to the small intestines. Right?” And my next thought is: “This is making me hungry.”

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Medical school update #1

- TB test done. Huh? What? I need to do 2??
- My Hep B titer came back NOT immune! WHAT?! I have to repeat the vaccine series (3 shots, 6 months apart!). No wait, I get a booster, then retest and see if immunity returns or if I need the series. Or… does anyone actually know what’s going on??
- This D.O. school actually practices what it preaches. We have exercise as part of our class time!!
- Aurora’s surgery went VERY well.
- This stuff is FASCINATING! The things I’m studying. So cool.
- Aurora’s birthday was a success.
- I finally finished the required reading for Week 1! On Saturday evening. Exam is Monday morning. Yay, good.
- Aurora’s birthday “party” was a success.
- OH NO. The self-learning assignments have MORE reading in them. A lot more….
- 6 of 9 self-learning assignments done by 10am Monday. Skipped heart because I know that stuff already, supposedly. Skipped embryology because so much feedback from classmates saying the topic was poorly done and they didn’t understand it anyway.
- Exam done. OMG. Good job brain! I gave it calm and time, and it pulled out information from 12 years ago when I was studying to be an EMT!! *pats brain*
- Only brief time to stop. Quiz in other class tomorrow. Brain said “No more input.” Unexpected nap ensued instead.
- Wow, so much I learned in MEDPREP comes back upon studying now. Nice. I know this stuff!
- Yeah, I aced that quiz. Pretty sure.
- I PASSED the exam! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy for a 72% LOL *sings* I pa-assed. I pa-assed. I, I, I, I pa-assed.
- Writing this update instead of doing the last self-learning assignment from LAST week. Still need to start on this week’s required reading. If I start it tomorrow, I’ll be 1 day ahead of where I was last week…. Gotta catch up so I have a buffer in case something (life) happens.

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Frowning In a Mask

One advantage to not having resting b-face: when I frown in a mask at one in the grocery store not wearing a mask, they can tell.

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Birthday Cake Issue

I messed up the yellow cake half of Aurora’s “chocolate and vanilla cake.” I am 1 egg short of having the ingredients to make another cake. !!!1 EGG!!!

Now I’m trying to decide which is a greater COIVD-19 exposure risk: going to the grocery store or knocking on neighbor doors begging for an egg. Knowing that 2 of my neighbors have moved out and their units are currently empty….

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Faithful America and BLM

I have been a part of Faithful America for probably over a year at this point. I only mention it now, because today I read an email from them that concluded with “God is on the side of oppressed – which means Black Lives Matter”. I just felt I needed to post that.

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