Tentatively, yes that was a meteor. If so, it was actually bright enough to be considered a fireball.

It might also have been a bolide, which is a fireball that explodes in the sky. The reason that is being considered is that many people are reporting hearing an explosion after seeing the light.

A little after 8:05pm EST, I was inside my house sitting by the front door on the stairs with my children catching up on my eldest’s day. A super bright white light flashed twice right at the house. My first thought was lightning, but there was no thunder (nor storm). My second thought was someone had pointed their car at my house and flashed those new LED headlights at us. But by the time I got to the door’s side window and looked out, I saw nothing.

A minute or two later I heard a large crash type sound. I thought a truck out on Scio Church or I-94 had an accident.

200 reports and counting of whatever this was. More info at:

If you saw it, report it!

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It’s Official

It’s official! AHHHHHHH! :D :D

“Dear Jennifer,

Congratulations! We would be delighted to have you join MEDPREP at the University of Michigan.”

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Why is your foot in my ear?

Filed under questions you never thought you would ever ask, but then you had kids: “Why is your foot in my ear?”
- Me, last night, while sitting in a chair

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End of Year Cards Being Sent

It’s made me very happy to be getting holiday / New Year’s cards after the new year! Two so far!

Why? Because I only just finished up my own holiday / New Year’s letters!

The pictures were printed at the end of Nov. Cards were bought right after Christmas. The letter was written at the end of Dec. The address labels and letters were printed last week (early Jan). Cards have been put away for next year as they are Christmas specific. I dated pictures, signed letters, and assembled most of them all last night. I hope to have them in the mail today!

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Joy Joke

So we’re having dinner at my step-sister Liz and her husband Ben’s new house. It’s a Sunday, mid-December. My other step-sister Joy is there too, as are my Dad and step-Mom Colette. Joy is her usual funny self, making puns (which I love) and opposite expectation jokes. I hardly notice anything is amiss.

After a while, Amber starts saying “CJ” in a drawn out un-amuzed groan type way. I don’t get it. I do notice it’s always after her Auntie Joy says something in a laughing way. Finally, Joy says she needs to get dressed in a tank top, shorts, and flipflops so she can go out in the snow.

Amber replies “See – Jaaaaay” in that way again.

I can’t take it and ask almost exasperatedly, “What does see-jay mean?”

Liz is first to answer, with Joy also responding as a quick echo, “It means Classic Joy.”

Amber immediately amends their answer, saying flatly, “It means Bad Joke.”

We all laughed so hard!

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Merry Christmas!

For any who were worried, we are home safe (have been for about 1/2 an hour).

Merry Christmas! We landed on time. We made it home. Despite the big melt last week, it’s a White Christmas. Clearly someone knew what to give me for Christmas!

LOVE to all! And to all a good night!

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People were really nice today!

People were really nice today! It wasn’t everyone, but it was *every* where I went, and the *entire* day!

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My Lyrics for Halloween

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year!
With kids trick-or-treating
And everyone greeting
With candy and cheer!
It’s the most wonderful tiiime, of the year!

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Astronauts for Halloween!

First off, Amber chose to be an astronaut this year. Yes! And it was all on her own! No prompting or hinting from me, though I was very happy she picked that! Later I asked if Aurora could be an astronaut too. Amber said only if she (Aurora) wasn’t an orange one.

So last weekend (not this immediately past one), Amber and I tried to tackle the helmet issue. Internet seemed to think the best solution was paper mache. Hmm… I’ve never done that on my own, I don’t actually even remember the last time I ever did paper mache! But, recipe and advice from a couple sites set me on a seemingly doable path, and some kind of echo of a memory surfaced enough for me to get it. (See image #1)

I used the “COOK” method:

Amber and I practiced on Aurora’s balloon. 2 layers, then let dry completely, then 2 more layers, was my favorite site’s recommendation. I realized at this point that each layer should go in the opposite direction of the previous, up and over one layer, around for the next, so it would be easy(-ier) to see where the second layer actually started and stopped, so as not to put too many or too few layers in any given spot. Then we, or rather I late that night, got the first 2 layers onto Amber’s balloon. (See image #2)

But I noticed that the paper mache from earlier that day wasn’t smooth anymore on Aurora’s. I thought perhaps using warm “glue” had caused the balloon to shrink a little as the “glue” and paper cooled. The next morning Amber’s was mostly dry, only part not was the part that had been in the bowl all night. Aurora’s was still pretty wet, and smaller. Later that day I tried to slide the paper mache down and push the balloon up inside Aurora’s hoping to get it smooth again maybe far enough to make a short helmet for her. It all moved the way I expected, but the paper mache didn’t straighten out. I pushed and slid a little harder, and heard a distinct hiss…. Argh! Her balloon had a hole! Well, oh well. Amber’s was the more important one. Aurora wouldn’t know if she didn’t have one that it was missing. Plus, given her reaction to Amber’s near finished helmet later, there’s a very good chance Aurora would refused to wear it if it did get made! I got 2 more layers on Amber’s that night, the last of which I did in white printer paper on the advice of that same site. (See picture #3)

I was very glad for that white paper advice. Not only would painting white be easier, but the lines looked very cool. I had somewhat inadvertently done the last 2 layers in the proper directly to make it look great. We ended up not painting at all!

The, finally, we got to pop the balloon and cut the bottom edge even all around. I was worried it wouldn’t fit over Amber’s head and I’d have to get creative with cutting the visor hole so she could get it on. The balloon had shrunk just a little bit as the “glue” dried. But nope. It came out amazing! WOO! (See picture #4)

Lastly, we cut a visor hole for Amber. It all worked perfect. So glad!

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AADL Nerd Nite Solar Eclipse Presentation

Oh YAY! The Ann Arbor District Library posted my short talk on the Aug Eclipse that I did for Nerd Nite Ann Arbor! You can view it here, if you want to see me do a presentation despite the topic being past relevant.

Thank Emily for the suggestion. I hope to get a video of my Ceres presentation to post too.

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