Good Movie, Mostly

Finished watching “The Martian” tonight. Started it on Oct. 3rd. Continued it on Oct. 7th. Got about 1 minute past the “7 months later” part and called it quits. Then picked the movie back up today (Mar. 9) and managed to finish it.

Guess I’m not so great with directions.

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Planets vs Moons – Location! Location! Location!

I don’t want to lose this AGAIN:

it’s here.

Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! comic strip from June 01, 2014 showing the 7 largest moons in our solar system to scale with Mercury and Pluto.

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The Crib Is Gone… :(

I sold the convertible crib today. *sad pout* I don’t have any more babies….

The buyer at the store commented on how nice the crib was despite it’s age (9 years), how it was well made and whatnot. She remembered seeing it at Babies-R-Us. I replied, “That’s where it came from!” and “Oh yes. My Mom bought it. Only the best for her grand-baby.” And I then of course had to point out that the crib mattress was a 25 year warranted one, which Mom bought intentionally, and I had been like “25 year mattress? For a baby?!?”

And that was the trigger for today. Put me in “stage 3″ as Marlon described it. Sucking my pout lip in and out as I cried behind the wheel of my car. (I was parked for the bulk of it.)

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It Is Time

I have heard the warning.
It is time.

The Deep Winter Coat will be worn.

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My W2 came today! I can do my taxes! Once I get all the other stuff done….

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My 40th Birthday Party

Here’s some of what you missed not being at my 40th birthday party. I’ve also posted a video of my birthday dance performance.

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My Birthday Dance

Here’s just one of the performances you missed (or saw!) at my birthday party tonight.

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So Much for Epic

Planned my party for 50 people
Bringing enough to serve 35
Hoping 10 can show up

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Jennifer’s Epic 40th

Tomorrow! After the snow is done! Come out and have some fun!

Jennifer’s Epic 40th Birthday Party!
Michigan Academy of Dance & Music ยท Dexter, MI

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Watched Fuller House and cried today (2 episodes, last ep of 4th season and 1st ep of series, cried during both). It was good. A needed cry. Not so much cathartic. More like sweet memories that remind of the loss.

I can feel my brain starting to rewire. Changing back towards optimism and calm from grief and anger. It’s only a matter of time now.

Update 01/17/19: I’m much closer to being back to who I was than who I’d become after October. But there’s definitely one new jaded (Merriam-Webster definition not definition) piece to me that ain’t going away.

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